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2019 Tryout Registration


Tryouts for the 2019 Tryout Registration are on Saturday & Sunday, August 17 & 18Deadline to register is on August 10 at noon. The tryout fee is $25 (plus an additional processing fee). After noon on August 10, the fee increases to $40 (plus an additional processing fee).

This registration is for TRYOUTS only. You can register more than one player at a time. Once teams are set, you will be able to register for the season registration.

You will have to sign waivers and provide consent during the online registration process.  Have your credit card and physician information available to complete this registration.

At least one day of tryouts is mandatory, however it’s best if you can make both. If you happen to have a conflict please contact Lisa Iverson at or 612-581-6964Regardless of conflict, you still need to complete this player tryout registration in order to be considered for a team.  We will review if there is alternative information on your player that can be gathered from last year’s WBA season, potential viewing at 3-on-3, information from any summer training or participation in spring/fall basketball leagues.

Evaluation & Player Placement Information: 

Evaluations can be a demanding experience for players and families.  Our evaluators likewise understand the importance of properly evaluating and placing each player with the appropriate team.  We consequently need to ensure that players and evaluators alike can fully focus on the evaluation.

It is natural for families to want to know how a particular player may have performed or where the player may be placed during tryouts.  Please understand that evaluators have been instructed to not answer any questions regarding player evaluations. We also will not share specifics regarding rankings, scores or evaluation results of individual players.  We ask that families refrain from asking questions or seeking information from the evaluators and your players, this only can lead to speculation.

The evaluators will take great care in ensuring each player is placed on the appropriate team.  In order to maximize player development, we will do our best to place players on teams where they are surrounded by others of similar ability, commitment, and aspirations.  Players will be placed based on a combination of how they ranked on their previous team, tryout evaluation rankings and if player misses tryouts due to conflict – data will be pulled from resources that were provided.

In some circumstances, players may need to be moved up to fill out teams at specific grade levels.  However, this is not typical if the numbers warrant enough players in the various grades.  Any decision to move a player up depends on registration numbers and the WBA program will continue to remain flexible in that regard.  It is our belief that it is critical to find ways for as many of the registrants to play and will explore multiple options to do so.

If WBA cannot support a team due to the overall team numbers or an abundance of registrants in a particular grade, there may be cuts that occur.  Please be ensured that there are other opportunities for your players to participate in basketball.  Community Ed is one of those options. 

Team rosters will be set in the days following evaluations. Rosters will be announced by August 20th or sooner.  Please remember that team placement decisions are not negotiable.

Tryout Conflicts Steps: 

If absence is made aware of in advance of tryouts, this allows the association to gather information for evaluators. 

  1. All interested players must be registered prior to tryouts so the association has the total count per grade and gender. 

  2. If player is not able to make either tryout dates: Information is gathered from past performance in WBA or other participation in basketball.  Such as; camps or skill training this past year where some evaluation on performance can be retrieved.   Resource information from coach on players level of skill at that time and predict where the player might be in comparison to the other players whom are at tryouts.  

  3. Placement determination is based on the data received above.  Could be on A, B or C team.  Based on data received above.  Full awareness is made to the board and evaluators in advance.

Player Seeking Admission after Tryouts: 

If player is interested in participating after tryouts have occurred. 

1. Where there any cuts in that grade or gender?  If YES - there is NO acceptance to the interested player. If NO cuts: proceed to #2.

2. Do the numbers warrant available space in that grade & gender?  If YES - proceed to #3.  If NO: there is no acceptance to the interested player.

3. The ONLY team the player can be accepted on is the LOWEST team.  Example: If there are 3 levels of A, B and C.  Interested player can only be admitted onto C - because they did not pre-register and they are a add on after the teams are formed.  It would not be fair to move them up. 

4. Association board needs to confirm the coach is accepting of taking on the additional player. 

5. Proper communication is delivered to the team about the add-on player and reasons why.  Such as; there were no cuts in grade/gender, and last team had room based on numbers. 

6. Collect registration fee, deposit for volunteer hours and order uniform.

In some circumstances, players may need to be moved up to fill out teams at specific grade levels. Any decision to move a player up depends on registration numbers and the program will continue to remain flexible in that regard. It is our belief that it is critical to find ways for all of the registrants to play and will explore multiple options to do so.

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